The members of the 2020/21 committee are:

President – Howard Wilcockson

Vice president – Denise Wilcockson

Secretary  – Rejane Belanger

Treasurer – John Diment

Public Officer – Michael Garner

Committee members –  Sharon Ireland,  Patrick Synge, Liz Smith


  1. Jack Buzelin says

    Bonjour/ Greetings,
    Oh la la ! Quelle bonne idee, un weekend Francais. Cela serrais formidable!
    Sacre bleu, j’attend avec impatience pour croquer un croissant, boire un verre de vin blanc et rouge, et de chanter ‘la Marseillaise’ , et aussi faire ‘Le Tour de Cygnet’ en velo.
    Bring the family and your friends to the Festival 13th and 14th Feb, and fall in love with everything French.
    I will certainly be there with my family!
    See you there.


  2. Michele Percey says

    It would be great if contact numbers were listed for the committee members. Unable to find a contact number.


  3. I also question how to contact the Cygnet Association? The Facebook page appears to be inactive and this website has no updates since March (it is now 4 June).


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