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New and improved for 2017:
Le Tour de Cygnet
Sunday, April 9, 2017 – Cygnet & area

This year’s Le Tour de Cygnet is offering a prize of a specialised bike for the lucky winner – but you don’t have to come in first to win it or any other prize.

Donated by Bike Ride, Hobart, you only have to be lucky to take the bike home – every entrant from beginner and child to expert adult will receive a lottery ticket to be drawn at the end of the event.

You can find out how to enter below.

With the unexpected success of the inaugural Le Tour de Cygnet in February last year, Le Weekend @ Cygnet committee has decided that the 2017 event will be even bigger and better.

The first Le Tour de Cygnet attracted about 180 riders for two events – one a 17k family “dawdle” through beside Port Cygnet Bay and the other an “endurance” event of 38k.

With lessons learned from the first event, the committee organising April’s outing has decided to make the Endurance event a good deal more challenging, the Family event just that little bit easier and to provide a back roads route for young, inexperienced children and their parents.

In keeping with the nature of Le Weekend @ Cygnet as a celebration of the area’s French heritage, Le Tour de Cygnet will not be a race but a joyful outing for cycle enthusiasts, family cyclists and those who bike occasionally for the fun of it.

While everyone has a chance to win the prizes on offer –it’ll help you win if your bike and outfit have a distinctly French flavour to them. Every rider has a chance to win the major prize regardless of whether they manage to complete the route.

The Endurance event will take riders almost 70 kilometres along the Channel Highway over a couple of challenging hills, while the Family event has far fewer ups and downs over 20 kilometres between Cygnet and Nicholls Rivulet. For younger cyclists, there is a back road run along the Slab Road that is flat and covers just 8 kilometres.

This year anyone who wants to participate can sign-up on-line and be covered by Cycling Australia insurance.

Le Weekend @ Cygnet has received considerable support from local cycling enthusiasts and clubs which have supplied traffic warning signs, volunteer marshals and lead and follow cars.

What is it:  Le Tour de Cygnet – a family and social outing for enthusiasts and dabblers alike.
Where is it:  It starts and finishes in the Town Square (La Place), Cygnet
When is it:  Sunday morning, April 9, 2017 from 9am
How much:  Endurance starts at 9am and costs $30; Family starts at 9.30am and costs $20; Kids starts at 10am and costs $15.
Insurance:  This event is fully insured by Cycling Australia
What do I need:  A bike, a helmet, some water and a bit of puff
How to enter:  Registrations on line at http://www.leweekendcygnet.com


Planning for Cygnet’s annual “Le Weekend” is underway and anyone who wants to be involved should contact:

 Le Weekend team

The inaugural festival on the 13th & 14th February this year was enjoyed by all. We celebrated and commemorated our deep connection to legendary French explorers Bruni D’Entrecasteaux, Jacques de Labillardière, Huon de Kermadec and Nicolas Baudin.

Le Weekend: un grand succès

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Cygnet’s inaugural French festival, Le Weekend @ Cygnet, attracted an estimated 5,000 people over the weekend to a town decorated in blue, white and red – with the French tricolore flying high above the town hall.
The event was opened by the Premier, Will Hodgman, who rode into Cygnet on Saturday with an escort of two tandem bikes decorated in French colours, and two Tour de France-style bikes. The highlight of the opening was a spirited rendition of La Marseillaise by soprano, Helen Thomson, which she concluded by singing the words of the Australian anthem to the French tune.
More than 140 cyclists took part In Sunday’s Bendigo Bank Tour de Cygnet with an endurance ride of 38km and a larger family ride of 17km. Like many people who turned up for the festival, a large number of cyclists decked themselves out in French colours and costumes.
The event proved so unexpectedly popular that some of the cafes and stalls ran out of food on both afternoons while the Valentine’s Day French champagne breakfast at Port Cygnet Sailing Club attracted more than 100 patrons.
“We very nearly ran out of food too,” said one of the breakfast organisers, Judi Willoughby. “We were left with just a few baguettes – and we even managed to auction those off.”
Peter George, one of the events organisers, described Le Weekend as an unexpected success with far more people filling the streets than anticipated and a festive atmosphere.
“We planned a more modest affair but it grew rather larger than could have hoped,” he said. “But traders in the town and visitors alike seem to have responded very positively and there seems quite a demand that we turn this into an annual event.”
The French banquet, catered by Government House executive chef, Ainstie Wagner, sold out within days of tickets being released.
An unexpected highlight of the weekend was a talk by Bob Brown on the history of French exploration of the region, and relations between the navigators and scientists and the aboriginal population. More than 300 people packed the town hall to hear him speak along with French astronomer, Jean-Philippe Beaulieu, who talked about his research into the original European garden planted by the French at Recherche Bay.
For two days, the Bayside Boules and Petanque Club encouraged visitors to learn the popular game of bowls with metal balls, and according to Terry Dando, a sporting competition between French and Australians ended with the locals beating the French at their own game.
While the first Le Weekend @ Cygnet was considered a great success, Peter George says that the organisers have learnt a good deal about how to put a festival together over the last few months.
“It seems likely we will do this again if the residents and businesses want us to and we’ll put those lessons to good use – to make next year bigger, better and more entertaining,” he said.
“Le Weekend is supposed to be a happy, easy-going experience that makes us wonder what would this area have been like if the French had decided to colonise Tasmania. It’s not hard to imagine chateaux looming over the valley and a town with cobblestone streets.”

Le Géographe and Le Naturaliste

Le Géographe and Le Naturaliste

During a remarkable decade between 1793 & 1803, the French expeditions visited and mapped this then pristine region.

Recherche and Espérance

Recherche and Espérance



    • martine heilman says

      What a disappointing website!
      At the beginning of this page you have a list of activities with free next to it. like the plein air competition. By the end of this same page it is $10 to join!
      Trying to book for the banquet is almost impossible, very hard to find some contact numbers, by which time it is booked out!
      It is a commemoration of French explorer, is there a talk about the history? where? when?


  1. Kate and John Reed says

    Sounds like a wonderful weekend.
    How do we book for valentines French breakfast on Sunday ?


  2. mary jenkins says

    Yes, another great idea. I would also like to book the French Breakfast.
    mary Jenkins


  3. Bob Hawkins says

    TCA, the Living History Museum and the Lady Nelson, you all did Cygnet proud this Le Weekend. A brilliant performance. Now, you’ve all got no choice but to do it all over again next year, and the next year, and the . . .


  4. I came from Velines, east of Bordeaux in France and had a most memorable time here in Cygnet, a place I used to live. It was great to be back and remembered by so many, you all made me feel so young and I want to return – see you next year for sure. Love you all, Marion. thumb_20160213_121107_1024.jpeg


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