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Huon Valley Council has recently included the CYGNET TOWNSHIP PLAN as one of its 9 “Priority Projects” and is appointing a Project Officer to advance these to “shovel ready” status.

This is the biggest infrastructure project in Cygnet’s recent history and it is important for our township’s future that we get it right. Community Consultation about the design of the CYGNET NEW STREET has now started and here we present 4 potential options.

Each has advantages and disadvantages.

Which is best for Cygnet?


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10am to 3pm, Sunday 16th May, Cygnet Town Hall Supper Room

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This is the 2010 Township Plan

Option 1: The 2010 plan shows the New Street with an entrance next to the BP servo. It then runs along behind the shops, passes outside the the new car park behind the Town Hall and then joins Mary Street just opposite the hardware store where the entrance to the new car cark currently is.

This 2010 plan includes a new car park on Mary Street. It is a significantly narrower street reserve than the 2004 street precinct (Option 2 below).

Land along the street has since been rezoned (under the Interim Planning Scheme) to allow for commercial development on both sides of the New Street.


This is the 2004 plan.

OPTION 2: The New Street joins Mary Street via land that was then vacant (where Jacky’s Cafe is now). If built now it would have to join Mary Street on the other side of the BP servo.
There was no car park planned for the northern end but the added area all along the street might offset this. It provides more space for landscaping, walking, the potential for many parking bays and better access to the rear of the Mary Street shops.





  • Is Cygnet your home?
  • What are the current impacts of population increase?
  • What are the likely future impacts of population increase?
  • How would you like to see the township develop?


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All Cygnet residents are aware that Mary Street is becoming busier by the day.

The population of both the township and district is increasing rapidly and is forecast to grow faster into the future. Cygnet is also an increasingly popular day trip destination from Hobart.

Parking is ever more difficult, pedestrians find it harder to cross the street. Through traffic is increasing everyday as more and more houses are built in the surrounding area. What were previously holiday shacks are now being upgraded and lived in permanently.

This is a big project for Cygnet and it is important that it be designed for the best long term outcomes for our community. Its primary purpose is to provide more parking and take traffic off Mary Street. It will also create opportunities for more commercial development on the land adjacent to it. It could perhaps do much more.

The Cygnet Association has been lobbying to progress this project for years and we are pleased that Council has taken this step forward. It is now more than a decade since the last Township Plan. Much has changed and we feel it is now time to consult again. We look forward to working closely with HVC and the Cygnet community to help it progress.

We recognise that this will be an expensive project and may require State and/or Federal Government funding to complete but this is unlikely to be secured until it is progressed to “shovel ready” status.

History of the “Cygnet New Street” project

In 1997 it was first informally proposed to Huon Valley Council (HVC) that a new street should be developed to the rear of the shops on the eastern side of Mary Street and that the land required should be purchased if it became available. There has always been a right of way along this stretch of land that was formerly used for the emptying of “night soil”.

In 2004 Huon Valley Council commissioned the planners Inspiring Place to prepare a Cygnet Township Development Plan (CTDP). They conducted extensive Community Consultation and the most significant features of their plan were the New Street and the car park behind the Town Hall (which was built in 2014).

The 2004 CTDP was not endorsed by Council.

In 2009 the plan was updated by Inspiring Place with relatively little community consultation. A new car park was proposed (between the BP and the new Post Office) and the New Street precinct was significantly reduced in width.

This was endorsed by HVC in 2010.

Since then a new Interim Planning scheme has been introduced and the land on the eastern (paddock) side of the proposed street is now zoned commercial which would permit businesses to be established along both sides.

The Huon Valley Interim Planning Scheme

This shows the current zoning in the centre of Cygnet
This shows the zoning with the street plan included which makes it easier to read (but the zoning colours do not correspond so well with the legend).