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31 August 2020


7pm, Tuesday 15 September, 2020

at the Top Pub (Cygnet Hotel)

At the June 26th meeting of Huon Valley Council two significant items related to Cygnet.

  1. The decision was made to sell the Cygnet Medical Centre
  2. It was decided to demolish the existing toilets in Burtons Reserve and replace with new ones.

The minutes of the meeting will be on the HVC website within a few days.

For those of you who are interested here is the letter we received from council about the proposed medical centre sale:

190627 Letter to CA from HVC

Cygnet Township Development Plan 2009

The 10th anniversary of this development plan is rolling round and little has been achieved. We know that money is always in short supply but traffic and parking are becoming ever more significant issues. The population of our township and surrounding areas is increasing and with this the income that council receives from us increases as well. Surely after 10 years it is, at the very least, time to purchase the required land for Stage 1 – the proposed new street.

This new street would alleviate much of the congestion on Mary Street by removing some of the traffic and allowing delivery vehicles direct access to the back of the shops.

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2009 CTDP with labels copy

Proposed sale of  the Cygnet Medical Centre

28th March UPDATE

At yesterday’s HVC meeting it was resolved unanimously to revisit the decision by Adriana Taylor to sell the Cygnet Medical Centre.

190327 from HVC minutes

Information Session – Cygnet Medical Centre

Where: Carmel Hall, Cygnet Tasmania.
When:  Thursday 14 March 2019 at 2:00pm

HVC has issued this information sheet:


For information about the “Old School Farm” development consultation click “HERE”

Huon Valley Council (HVC) owns a large block (approx. 4ha / 10 acres) of vacant land, right in the heart of Cygnet, behind the new Medical Centre in George Street. This was the Cygnet Area School farm and currently HVC /ratepayers get no income or other financial benefit from ownership of this valuable land. It may even be costing us money.

In 2003 plans were drawn up for a 31 housing lot sub-division and then in 2009 new plans were prepared for a combination of 13 housing lots and 18 pairs of con-joined “independent living units”. For various reasons nothing has happened. For more click here: More ……..


Looking south at the council depot



180406 HVC MR

A series of pre-election information sessions have been organised for prospective candidates and any other interested community members for the elections to be held later this year.
Adriana Taylor, Huon Valley Council Commissioner says information sessions will feature presentations from Local Government professionals about what to expect in the role.
“There will be a range of speakers and topics planned and the information sessions will run from April until the election, the date for which is yet to be announced.
“The presenters will include representatives from the Electoral Commission, the Integrity Commission, the State Government’s Local Government Division, the Local Government Association of Tasmania, the Tasmanian Planning Commission
and the Tasmanian Audit Office.
“The aim of the sessions is to give prospective candidates a real picture of what their roles and responsibilities are as members of Huon Valley Council.
“They will also help explain the sort of issues and proposals they may encounter in the role. “It is important to realise
that there are a wide range of issues for councillors to consider. The decisions made in local government meetings are important and must be made in accordance with the correct meeting procedures. The council also acts as a planning authority considering development applications from qualified advice for residences and businesses.
“As the primary responsibility and accountability as an elected councillor is to your community, your decisions as a councillor must be made for the benefit of the entire local government area.
“The more informed candidates are, the better prepared they will be for the challenges the role will present.
“The first information session will be held on April 11 from 6pm to 8pm. All information sessions will be held in the Huonville Town Hall.
Further sessions are scheduled to be held on 15 May, 27 June, 12 July, 21 August and 4 September 2018.
All interested members of the Huon Valley community are invited to attend, whether they are considering nominating for the council or interested in gaining a better understanding of the roles and responsibilities of a councillor.
Huon Valley Council
Media Release

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Cygnet was once a “gold rush” town and there is still gold in our hills. As for the Le Weekend cabaret a glass of wine and finger food will be provided. Do come to this year’s cabaret, support our town, learn more about it’s history and support The Cygnet Association. Bring your friends! It should be a great night.

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has just awarded a Heritage and Culture certificate of excellence to:

 Le Weekend Team

Le Weekend at Cygnet – Celebrating Cygnet’s French history